Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cold and Rainy! Who knew?

Good afternoon, well, it is here anyway.

We have had a few internet issues, but hopefully we are on track to keep blogging for a while. The post from Matthew was actually written a couple of days ago, but only was sent out today. It's been a good couple of days since then. When we began yesterday morning, the sky let loose with a driving cold rain. Camilo was generous in giving up his poncho and gators so that I could try to stay dry and somewhat warm. I think I will appear in the next issue of CQ (Camino Quarterly).

The nice thing about hiking in the rain is that it forces one to remain quiet and pray. So, even though we have agreed to keeping the first few hours as a grand silence, the rain made it a bit longer. With hours on end to pray and just be open to the movement of the Spirit, I have turned to offering many rosaries. I have found the offering each decade for a person (or intention) takes on a whole different reality. Many of us often remember someone or another at the beginning of a mystery as we offer our daily rosary, but here, with 4 or 5 complete rosaries being prayed each day, I am remembering people or situations that I have not thought of for years. Yesterday afternoon, I was remembering my first grade teacher! How beautiful and joyful to bring so many people to prayer that otherwise I might not have ever thought of again. I recommend the practice anyway, but now, it is with gusto.

I have to tell you about the day I caught up the the men. I began in the darkness of 5am, with only the moon and light from a few other hikers to follow. I was hoping to catch them before they had begun their hike, I found out that I arrived to the town where they stayed only about a half hour behind them. Of course, they are faster and I had an unexpected struggle ahead.

The road you see rising from right to left was cut into the hillside with about a 12 degree grade. But with some planning and patience...

...I made it to the top!

This is looking back to the town.
Of course, what goes up, must come down and the other side of this height descended with a 13% grade.

Long story short, however, I actually arrived at the town ahead of the rest of the fellowship as they met a gentleman who told them his life story and introduced to his family and basically kept the off of the trail for two hours. So, when I arrived, I spent some time in the church, one of the few we find open, then found the others had arrived and settled into the albergue across the street.

Finally back together, we set off the following morning. The men had met several along the way who were curious about the Faith and seminarians, but I'll let them tell those stories. However, on the road this day, we stopped in a town to see if the church was open and not only was it, but there was Adoration this day. What a gift!! We made a Holy Hour and the continued on our way.

The rest of the day's events, I'll let one of the others write about. However, the beautiful takeaway is the God has gifts everywhere. One has to be ready to see and embrace them. Til next blog,

God bless,
Fr. Roux