Friday, June 23, 2017

Parting of the Ways

Today, Friday, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart, we have come to a decision. There is little chance that my backpack will arrive soon, and the longer we delay, the more difficult it will be to achieve our goal. Therefore, I have sent the men on to the next stop along the way. We will keep in touch as best we can, and since alone, I will travel faster than the four of them, I hope that if my things arrive quickly, I will be able to overtake them in a day or two. Meanwhile, I will have an imposed silence, which is probably one of the reasons our Lord brought me to the Camino in the first place.  Even though it is a joy to see them experiencing things as we began, I hope for a greater closeness to Our Lord and Our Lady in the quiet.

I'm sure that they will have great stories when next I meet them.

Ben Camino!
Of course, Our Lord always gives beautiful graces in the midst of difficulty. After the above picture, I walked back to the Cathedral to write this post and make a Holy Hour. I was sitting just outside of the entrance to the cathedral when a priest happened by. So I approached and I the best of my poor Spanish explained my situation and asked if it would be possible to offer a Mass. He was most gracious and led me to the Sacristan who was happy to assist me. It was in the same beautiful chapel as yesterday. Then they informed me I had twenty minutes as they had a Mass in thirty. I was grateful for the kindness and was obedient. One only has to look to find graces.

Well, pray that I might find a solution and for Fr. Cesar as well.

God bless.

Well, at least the seminarians are having fun...

We are all here in Burgos after an overnight train from Lisbon. The city is nice and the Cathedral beautiful. 

The Cathedral at Burgos
However, penance continues. We had great hope for my backpack to arrive tomorrow morning so that we might begin the hike. I am tempted to send them ahead and catch up once we sort it all out. But enough about me, let's hear from Aaron.

Thoughts and Reflections
from Aaron Z. Huber
We have been so blessed here in Spain. We were able to have a private mass in the side chapel of the cathedral here at Burgos. (The "side chapel" was bigger than most churches in the western part of our diocese.) While waiting for Father's bag that didn't show up today, we were able to spend the afternoon in the beautiful town of Burgos. We saw a crow land on top of a woman's head while we were talking to her. While in our hostel, we were able to meet some of the pilgrims with whom we will be walking; all of them lovely people. Please continue to pray for us and be assured of our prayers for you all. 
The "side chapel"

God bless, 
Aaron Huber

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ah, Sweet Penance!

Apparently, many graces are awaiting our little crew. Not one of us will arrive on time or, at least, not without some effort. And the luggage? Who knows?

I am in Lisbon without any luggage. I had to pull an “O.J. Simpson” (think 1977 Hertz commercial) through the Newark airport to make my connection, but my bags weren’t as fast.
Hertz Rent-A-Car
Advertisement Campaign
featuring O.J. Simpson
© 1977

Camilo and Matthew D. were routed throughout Europe. They will arrive later this afternoon as does Matthew H. (who at least was treated to first class). It appears that Aaron will arrive in Lisbon tomorrow which, along with my delayed bags, means an unexpected hotel expense!

Our non-refundable train tickets were in a carry-on bag I was forced to check. The carry-on-turned-steerage was lost and the tickets right along with it.

It just seems best to get a good night sleep here. We will begin the fellowship tomorrow with new train tickets but without the carry-on. We will make the best of it!

Keep watch, more to come.