Friday, June 23, 2017

Parting of the Ways

Today, Friday, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart, we have come to a decision. There is little chance that my backpack will arrive soon, and the longer we delay, the more difficult it will be to achieve our goal. Therefore, I have sent the men on to the next stop along the way. We will keep in touch as best we can, and since alone, I will travel faster than the four of them, I hope that if my things arrive quickly, I will be able to overtake them in a day or two. Meanwhile, I will have an imposed silence, which is probably one of the reasons our Lord brought me to the Camino in the first place.  Even though it is a joy to see them experiencing things as we began, I hope for a greater closeness to Our Lord and Our Lady in the quiet.

I'm sure that they will have great stories when next I meet them.

Ben Camino!
Of course, Our Lord always gives beautiful graces in the midst of difficulty. After the above picture, I walked back to the Cathedral to write this post and make a Holy Hour. I was sitting just outside of the entrance to the cathedral when a priest happened by. So I approached and I the best of my poor Spanish explained my situation and asked if it would be possible to offer a Mass. He was most gracious and led me to the Sacristan who was happy to assist me. It was in the same beautiful chapel as yesterday. Then they informed me I had twenty minutes as they had a Mass in thirty. I was grateful for the kindness and was obedient. One only has to look to find graces.

Well, pray that I might find a solution and for Fr. Cesar as well.

God bless.